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WARNING! 10 Cáncer Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore

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Cancer Symptoms Men Should Never Ignore

#3:. Changes in your restroom habits

Suddenly need to use the restroom all the time? Or have pain when you go? This may be a sign of bladder or pr0state cáncer.

Other signs to look out for are blood in your urine or stool. Changes in your bowel habits, like constipation or diarrhea that won’t go away, matter too.

#4:. Changes in your skin

If you work long hours outside or have a history of blistering sun burns, check your skin more closely. What you think are signs of hard work might actually be skin cáncer. Look for unusual bleeding, scaling or sores that do not heal.

Other signs include warts as well as moles and freckles that change in color, size or shape.

Bottom line: If you’ve got a strange spot on your skin, call your dermatologist.

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