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See the Top 10 Most Unusual Sports in the World […. you have likely never heard of]

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10. Chess Boxing

#10:. Chess Boxing

Let’s start with chess and boxing, a combination that seems unlikely to be together in the same sport but is just what the name suggests: chess boxing.

According to Wikipedia, chess boxing is a hybrid sport that combines the games of chess with the sport of boxing, alternating between chess and boxing after each round. While the name may not be completely original, chess boxing is a singular sport and the ultimate challenge that requires both brains and brawn like no other athletic competition.

The winner has to be strong of both mind and body, playing a bit of chess between rounds of boxing. The game can last up to eleven rounds, starting with a four-minute chess round and followed by a two-minute boxing round. Chess boxing can be won by either knocking out an opponent, winning the chess game or by the judges’ decision at the end. Sounds simple enough. Get a guy in checkmate, then beat him into a pulp and repeat.

This sport is mostly popular in Germany and England, but it is gaining worldwide recognition. The sport is inspired from a French graphic novel, Froid Équateur, by French artist and filmmaker Enki Bilal.

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