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7 Things You Should Negotiate at a Job Interview Apart From SALARY

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#1:. Flexible Working Hours And Telecommuting Option

Negotiating for flexible hours could depend on your field and the role you hold as an employee, so before you ask, make sure you understand what is expected from you when starting your job. Are you in a sales role where you’re expected to be in the field during certain hours? Do you work in journalism where you’re expected to stay late to cover breaking news? Those are good examples of positions where you should think twice about asking to change your hours.

However if most of your job requires online activity and does not demand that you stay in the office all the time, you could negotiate spending less time in the office and still deliver on your requirements.

#2:. Lunch Hour/ Break

To safeguard your one hour break which is required by law, you should ask about it at a new job. Some companies provide lunch services and so do not allow more than 30 minutes of break, even some companies that do not provide lunch still allocate less that an hour of break. Break time is not only for eating and you should push for an hour tops.

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