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Here are the 6 Popular Ghanaians Who Have Been Accused of RAPE

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1. Deeba

#1:. Deeba

Deeba Acheampong, a Ghanaian musician was accused of defiling and assaulting his two step daughters in the United Kingdom in 2013.

In December 2012, INTERPOL Accra received an arrest warrant from its counterpart in London to the effect that between 2004 and 2008, while living in the UK, the appellant had a relationship with a woman who already had two daughters, aged eight and six, from her previous relationship.

Deeba and the woman had two children from their union and lived separately.

According to the warrant, anytime the woman goes on a night shift, Deeba took care of the home and cared for the children until September, 2008 when Deeba returned to Ghana to pursue his musical career.

Two weeks after his departure from the UK, Deeba’s stepdaughter told her mother that her stepfather had sexual intercourse with her whenever her mother went to work in the night.

According to the prosecutor, on those occasions, Deeba invited the little girl into the bedroom to watch pornographic films with him, after which he would lay her on the bed, kiss her on the mouth, apply baby oil on his penis and have sex with her.

The little girl also alleged that the accused person sometimes had anal sex with her and that after each act he puts a sanitary towel in her panties to avoid evidence of bloodstains and also hid the stained bed sheet.

She further alleged that Deeba threatened to beat her if she disclosed the act to anyone.

Deeba was alleged to have assaulted the little girl’s sister between June 1 and 4, 2008 when she attempted to satisfy her inquisitiveness about what was happening to her sister and that led to a cut on the back of the girl’s head.

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