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Shock as Christian Mother Catches Her 13-year-old Daughter Having S ÉX with a DOG

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young girl with dog

A woman has gotten the shock of her life after she caught her own daughter in a s éx session with a dog and now seeks advice on what to do.

The unnamed woman’s letter was fearured on ‘Ask Aunty Lisa‘, a popular page for helping people solve their problems, and she tells how she walked in on her daughter having s éx with a dog.

Read what she wrote below:


I’m a mother of 2, who comes from a Christian family where Christian and moral values are always a first priority.

My first child is aged 15 and is a boy. I hardly have any issues with him. However the second child who is a 13-year-old girl and is the one who makes me feel like crying.

Recently I caught my 13 year old daughter having s éx with the family dog in her room.

I walked into her room and caught my own daughter having s éx with our dog, Aunty Linda. I couldn’t believe it. The dog was humping her and I believe it had inserted itself into her, while she had her pants all the way down.

When I caught her she quickly got up and pulled up her pants. I’m disgusted with her and haven’t spoken with her since.

I have always believed she was a virgin but after this experience, I now have my doubts. Or did she lose her virginity to the dog? In fact, what will she tell her husband on their honeymoon about her virginity? If she is already having s éx with dogs, doesn’t that mean she has had enough of it with different men?

I know I am asking too many questions but I’m really traumatised Aunty Lisa with what I saw, and I need help on how to go about the issue.

Please help me.

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