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Terrorism in Kenya – See the 3 Most Devastating Terror Attacks in Kenya

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#3:. The Westgate Mall attack, September, 2013

If there was an attack so inhuman, so heartless and too painful to recount, it’s the latest of the three; the Westgate attack of 21st September 2013.

Unidentified gunmen found their way into the always busy Westgate Shopping Mall in Westlands, Nairobi, sprayed bullets at innocents at will and later engaged Kenyan Forces in a fierce fire exchange.

Kenyan authorities could only manage to regain control of the building three days later on 24th September. At least 67 people lost their lives in the attack with more than 175 others reportedly injured. All the gunmen are reported to have been killed inside the building. Four Somalis have since been arrested in connection with the attack.


If and when these ghastly attacks are going to end is difficult to tell; what is clear is that the country is in for a rude shock if the government isn’t going to find ways of dealing with terror. They already know its Al-Shabaab carrying out the terror attacks in Kenya ; something will have to be done to stop them. And that something will have to be done soon.

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