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Intending Couples: 10 Things You Must Never Tell Your Lover

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things not to tell your lover

In as much as communication is paramount in any relationship, there has to be some limits. If you must know, there are some things that spouses say to each other that end up offending one party.

Now, it is absolutely important to know your spouse very well, and understand some of the things that he/she likes. Having known that, you have the assurance of engaging her in a form of communication that will only trigger fun in her.

Some of the things that tend to be offending to spouses are what that may appear as jokes. The truth is that jokes spice up relationships but only to an extent.

You do not want to make her frown all day for that thing you said which you may have considered as a joke, do you?

Without further ado, here are some of the things that you must refrain from saying to your lover: Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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