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VIDEO: Watch 6 of the Most SHOCKING fouls committed by African Footballer ever

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Sometimes players receive cards for professional fouls or clumsy challenges, and sometimes they get them for acts of stupidity that look even crazier in the cold light of day. Here are some of the more ridiculous red card incidents in recent history.

#1:. Mwasika (& his whole team) go for the ref

Why would anyone want to be a referee? The fans hate you, the managers hate you and every decision you make is scrutinised.

And sometimes you get punched in the head by a player… it’s pretty rare but once was probably enough for Israel Nkongo. The official was punched by Stephano Mwasika after he had the nerve to send off his team-mate.

After the incident, the player was banned for a year by the Tanzanian Football Federation. Hopefully he used it to find ways to relieve stress like yoga or punching bags – not referees.

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