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5 Amazing things that can only happen in Abuja – Nigeria

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Abuja is the capital city of Nigeria. It is located in the centre of Nigeria, within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT).

Abuja is a planned city,and was built mainly in the 1980s. It officially became Nigeria’s capital on 12 December 1991, replacing Lagos, though the latter remains the country’s most populous city. Abuja’s geography is defined by Aso Rock, a 400-metre monolith left by water erosion.

Abuja is home to most of Nigeria’s political technocrats. And while the city is largely considered quiet in comparison to its busy counterpart, Lagos, it is no surprise that a lot of amazing things happen around the city.

For those looking to visit Abuja, Here are the 5 things that you are bound to find uniquely different about the city (especially if you are visiting from other parts of the country), that way you are not alarmed when you see or experience them.

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