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President Muhammadu Buhari 7 Biggest Mistakes in His 1st Year in Office

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#4:. Presidential Air Fleet

From a Boeing 737 to choppers, those who should know said there are about 11 aircraft in the presidential air fleet. His campaign assured Nigerians that some of those aircraft would be disposed of if the president won the elections. Not one has gone yet. Why Mr. Buhari has not sold any of them or even addressed Nigerians on why he couldn’t sell remained unclear.

#5:. Appointment of ministers

Mr. Buhari failed to appoint his ministers early. From the moment he took over on May 29, 2015, till October ending when he finally released names of his prospective ministers, Mr. Buhari claimed he was taking his time to appoint the best.

In hindsight, very few people believe the president’s appointment was worth the time he spent shopping for them. Some analysts have blamed the late appointments partly for the declining state of the economy.

Given the prolonged fall in oil prices even before the elections, they argue, appointing a top economic team early enough could have helped stabilise the system and assure investors. The president missed that opportunity.

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