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President Muhammadu Buhari 7 Biggest Mistakes in His 1st Year in Office

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#6:. With budget, it’s business as usual in Abuja.

Given that one of Mr. Buhari’s rallying cries during the campaign was a promise to eliminate waste within his administration and streamline state agencies and parastatals, history has recorded that Mr. Buhari’s first budget was marred by irregularities–embarrassing and administrative irregularities. It failed to send the much-needed signal to unscrupulous civil servants that a new sheriff was indeed in town. It was a disaster.

#7:. Being Nigeria’s most effective salesman.

Of the 30 foreign trips Mr. Buhari made in his first year, hardly did he return from any without dropping a “bombshell”. While some were inadvertent gaffes, too many others were as deliberate as they were damaging.

Nigeria’s president has travelled to distant lands to castigate his people as “criminals”, “corrupt” and “unruly” and even urged foreign investors to be wary.

Although a plurality of Nigerian foreign policy analysts have condemned the president for his outbursts, some of his supporters say he was being honest. That could seem an afterthought. If the president does not want to sell Nigeria–which is actually part of his job– he should, at least, not de-market it.

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