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5 Reasons Why FAILURE is more Interesting than SUCCESS [Must Read]

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Success gives you the money, the friends, the fame, the adulation, and yes, everything in general that amount to happiness and predominantly the perfect life, which explains as to why everyone on the planet works towards being successful.

However, the catch is, while success can give you the good life, it is very blinding as well.

People who shower those compliments and tend to laugh and hang around with you when everything seems right may not necessarily be the ones to stay with, when things go wrong. And, many a time, you learn the hard way- i.e. only when failure hits hard.

So keeping that in mind, I’ve penned down a few things to remember, which may actually get you to think as to why Failure is actually a very interesting phase, which gets you a wider perspective and perhaps, a larger picture of everything that once seemed hazy.

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