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5 Reasons Why FAILURE is more Interesting than SUCCESS [Must Read]

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#3:. People don’t really care:

Yes, that is the bitter truth. We often mistake curiosity to concern. If somebody is well interested in our life, it need not mean he/she is actually concerned, it could actually state that he/she just wants to know what’s happening and not because they really care.

For, most of us love to talk and discuss about the events in somebody’s life rather than to focus on our own- either to while away time or to give us a false ego boost in order to feel good about ourselves.

When people forget about your personal space and want to get every detail of your life without knowing if you’re comfortable or not, it’s time you show them the door.

And it’s only during the bad times that you get to know who are the ones that really care and the one who are just curious. Hard, but face it.

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