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Kenya Approaches 53 years of ‘Independence’ – 10 Things You Might not Know about this East African Powerhouse

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#5:. Kenya was the first country to introduce Islamic banking in the Eastern and Central African region, a decade ago.

According to the Kenya Bankers Association, Islamic banking is a system of conducting trade and banking activities in line with the principles of Islamic Shari’ah, avoiding prohibited activities such as interest or Riba, Gharar, financing of haram trade and businesses.

#6:. Despite the wars the country is facing with regards to wildlife conflict and poaching, Kenya strives to be a leader in ecotourism.

It was the first African country to establish an Ecotourism Society, the first to set up a certification scheme to evaluate performance of hotels/lodges based on eco-principles and hence among the first countries to lend credence to the concept of ecotourism through practice.

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