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Stonebwoy vs. Shatta Wale: 6 Reasons Why Stonebwoy is Better than Shatta Wale

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stonebwoy vs shattawale

So it seems the fan battle between fans of Stonebwoy and Shatta Wale will not cease anytime soon.

A fan of Stonebwoy has detailed why in his view Stonebwoy is greater than Shatta Wale. some of the points made as intriguing and interesting.

Checkout his unedited post below:

I have read so many fallacious and reckless comments or publications coming from the camp of SM fans and I think this is right platform to set an evidence based records straight. Let me pre-apologise to anyone whose persona might have been indicted in my writeup.

Few months ago , SM fans well all over bashing Samini and his fans over a premeditated beef which rather to me was useless. Just before we could say ,jack Shatta Wale has apologized to Samini rendering his noisy fans speechless and ashamed.

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I guess you want to stage another feud with our BhimSident Stonebwoy.. Bring it on .

For your information , BhimNatives ain’t dumb neither is our sense of judgement so narrow. We are ready to match you SMfans boot for boot .

In case you lack information about Stonebwoy and why he doesn’t want reply your premature assertion, then I advice you to check the information am about to give you below , read it and do juxtaposition.

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