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10 Things Ghanaians Know about Nigerians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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Ghana over Nigeria

Why then do we see a lot of excitement, wearing of green apparel or whatever outfit will represent one as a true 9Ja in diaspora? We asked some Ghanaian folks what they know about Nigerians?

Here are the 10 things they all have to say – Some are Positives while some are Negatives.

#1:. Nigerians are RICH

It is the perception of many Ghanaian that Nigerians are rich people. Many of them own big businesses here in Ghana.

Business guys like Dangote, Globacom’s Adenuga, Silverbird Cinema’s Bruce, City Lights, Olu Luther King, inshort we cannot enumerate them here.

The banks, The traders, The students, and of course the 419s. They all manifest wealth in certain degrees.

Nigeria has oil that has benefited few and contributed to the economy, so at least there is money in circulation.

#2:. Nigerians are SMART

When dealing with a Nigeria Man, you must think fast, you must become clever quickly because while you are thinking short term he is thinking future.

It is difficult to calculate the brain manipulations of a Nigerian man, whatever deal he enters into, he has already won you. He will pretend to be a fool in deal but at the end you will realize how foolish you became.

Nigerians believe that there is a way where you can’t see it. He will tell you, let’s go, nothing dey happen. 9Ja no dey carry last. Nigerians come from a background of fast system, where if you are dull, you will not survive.

The key to success becomes thinking like a CIA, fighting like Jackie Chan, and feeling super like America.

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