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10 Things Ghanaians Know about Nigerians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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Ghana over Nigeria

#3:. Nigerians are Hardworking

A Nigerian believes that only the best or nothing, they are not lazy at all. The come from a society where competition is real.

Where you always reminded of another person’s success. So you must labour whether good or bad. Nigerians want to produce results. They want to show off their accomplishments and that drives them as well.

Nigerians do not tolerate insults but loves jokes, so everyone avoids to me mocked by society and hence must hustle.

#4:. Nigerians are Aggressive

In Nigeria, or Nigerians won’t say all die be die, they will just harm you. Nigerians are not reserved, if you push a Nigerian, he won’t push back, he will punch, but if it is a Ghana man, if you push him, he will ask you a question: So you pushed me eh?

Nigerians are not afraid to try, to overcome, to win, to penetrate. They will go the extra mile to achieve. They are not laid back folks. They can fight fast, make peace soon and continue.

The aggressive nature of Nigerians are felt in their military, police, robbers, politicians, and civilians.

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