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10 Things Ghanaians Know about Nigerians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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Ghana over Nigeria

#5:. Nigerians are Kind

Nigerians are generous people, they can share whatever they have with others. There could be reasons for such nature.

For instance if you are rich then you must take care of poor people. Also Nigeria has the highest number of Chiefs, even now it is multiplying exponentially with Nigerian Kings in diaspora distributing the title of Chief to those willing and can afford it.

Nigerians also give alms for recognition and to command respect. Nigerians have the common belief that givers never lack and hence insure their security of not being in poverty by sharing to others.

#6:. Nigerians respect their Women

A Nigerian man will easily tell an annoying lady to visit his house and see what he kept there, referring to his wife.

Nigerian men take good care of their women when it comes to material things. They adore them and want them to have the best.

That respect may be hard when it comes to fidelity but as for worldly goods, A Nigerian will prefer that his wife looks best while he appears simple.

A Nigerian man will not tolerate beating a woman instead will encourage you to fight your fellow man.

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