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10 Things Ghanaians Know about Nigerians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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Ghana over Nigeria

#7:. Nigerians are 419 people

It is a common notion that Nigerians are not to be trusted. That their smartness, aggressiveness, being rich is because of how they can easily scam you.

The world has come to recognize and respect the 419 aspect of Nigerians. They are everywhere in the world and in every organization. However as much as we recognize the fact that 419 or Nigerian Scam is real.

Google it and see massive literature on it, but not all Nigerians are 419 people. Recently we met the Marketing Manager of Vodafone Ghana, A Nigerian called Uche, she is not a 419 but will definitely be smart.

You see since Nigerians are smart people, it is interesting to note that where ever they channel that energy to, pays off.

#8:. Nigerians love Business

A Nigerian loves money and will see to it that he makes it. He knows that it is important to lay treasures on earth when thieves come, shoot him.

They have founded many businesses all over the world from scratch. There are many Nigerians even competing with Ghanaian in their local market, and they will sell things cheaper and have quick turn over.

A Nigerian will always use any small space giving to him, after 5 years, He is OGA!! Nigerians are born entrepreneurs, all you need is Nigerian business partner, of course a trust worthy one and you may be safe but will make huge profit.

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