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10 Things Ghanaians Know about Nigerians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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Ghana over Nigeria

#9:. Nigerians are Funny people

Having a sense and spirit of humour a natural endowment of Nigerians. Every Nigerian is a stand up comedian where ever he is. He will entertain you, make everyone laugh and still be serious.

Many Nigerians do not claim to be comedians but will easily crack your ribs when you hang out with them. This funny aspect of Nigerians are sometimes used against them by a Ghanaian who does not know or appreciate their life style.

So a Nigerian will speak the way he knows how, and will be labelled as disrespectful.

Nigerians now export comedy, while many comedians are back home making them laugh over everything.

#10:. Nigerians are Spiritual

The devotion to deity is paramount in the lives of Nigerians.

Sometimes it is even difficult to understand the vocation of a Nigerian neighbour but due to his regular church attendance, loud prayer one could easily suspect him a pastor.

Many Nigerian owned churches are doing well here in Ghana. Nigerian movies end up with ” To God be the Glory” appreciation.

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