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10 Things Nigerians Know about Ghanaians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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nigerian over Ghanaians

The following reflect the true feelings of Nigerians about Ghanaians. Ghana and Nigeria relationship is unique in Africa and will always continue to develop stronger ties in aspects of human relations.

#1:. Ghanaians are peaceful people

One of the striking manifestations a Nigerian notices in his environmental transition in Ghana is the presence of cordial relationship and harmony. How Ghana acquired such peaceful climate? I have no idea. People hardly fight, there is always an amicable way to conflict resolution. The land is blessed with tranquility, Nigerians indeed feel relaxed here than in Nigeria, at least you do not get to worry about kidnappers, or terrorism. Nigerians coming from a background of loud noise- sounds of generator, sounds of sirens, sounds of bomb explosion etc appreciate Ghana’s peace. One thing that contributed so much to the peaceful state of Ghana is the working judiciary system. So nobody takes laws into their hands.

#2:. Ghanaians hate Nigerians

One of the orientation that a Nigerian will pass to his new brother in Ghana is to remind him that the people of Ghana do not really love Nigerians. The new entrant having seen one or two signs will concur to that traditional doctrine of enmity. Generally Nigerians in Ghana feel that they genuinely love their host country and does not understand the reason for their hatred towards them. Admiring a Nigerian comedian or movie star or musician or pastor is not same as loving his brothers and sisters resident in Ghana. Chinua Achebe in his personal history of Biafra, the book “There was a country” indicated that Ghana and Nigeria relationship has not always been cooperative. Such historical undertone confirms the feelings both sides nurse in their hearts. Sometimes without taming the feelings, such hatred do manifest in government policies targeting Nigerians and their interest in Ghana. Many Nigerians are insulted and mocked as if Ghana is without sin

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