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10 Things Nigerians Know about Ghanaians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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nigerian over Ghanaians

#3:. Ghanaians worship white people

Present a black man and a white man before a Ghanaian and he will choose the later. Nigerians feel that Ghanaians want to copy everything western. That they tend to bow to a white man more, submit to his ordinances more than to African course. That contrary to what Kwame Nkrumah tried to to achieve with African Unity, his people lean towards the white than the blacks. Looking at this view from another angle, it implies that Ghanaians are not racists, but the danger is that a Ghanaian can sabotage his fellow blacks just to win favor in the eyes of a white man. That such mental weakness and appreciation of ones race as submissive to a superior one is annoying to Nigerians. A Nigerian man is proud of being Nigerian and black, he will promote his culture and not reason with racial inferiority.

#4:. Ghanaians obey the law

Have you ever observed how Ghanaians can be in a queue in a traffic? This is something that baffles Nigerians. A nation that obeys law maintains order. Nigeria is a country where law is designed for the poor. A chaotic society where injustice and corruption is glorified. Nigeria is a nation where the judiciary has failed in using law as a tool for development. Where youths cast doubt as to the reality of the separation of powers of the arms of government. To the Ghanaians, they are not yet fully law abiding but comparable to Nigeria, Ghana has done well. Ghana is not a country where laws are broken without penalty. Ghanaians are conscious of the law, and that even helps Nigerians who reside here. At least they are witnessing what it means to be law abiding and the true effect is that when a Nigerian returns back home, he is more law abiding than before and is naturally inclined to be an activist of justice.

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