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10 Things Nigerians Know about Ghanaians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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nigerian over Ghanaians

#5:. Ghanaians are pretenders

Not just coming from the lips and heart of Nigerians but the people of Ghana do testify against her own people as pretenders. Ghana has capitalized on that good name in the international community as a good nation and will not dent it, instead they act as if all is well. Nigerians in Ghana have a strong opinion that Ghanians as mortals are bad like them but hide theirs. This could be a smart strategy to get what they want but it is equally a dangerous thing to deal with a chameleon. Be yourself and let the world know you for who you really are and not what you desire to become. Many youths of Ghana are into Internet scam popularly known as Sakawa, so 419 is not just a Nigeria thing. The debate as to who taught who will be left fair another day.

#6:. Ghanaians have fair complexioned people

Many Nigerians are surprised to see that Ghana has fair complexioned people. Their original notion is that they are all black skinned, not just dark or brown. To see a fair complexioned person, a Nigerian will first suspect the person to hail from Nigeria. Many white people married black Ghanians and their offsprings complexion is brighter. That is not the only reason, there are also naturally fair people here but majority of Ghanaians are very dark.

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