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10 Things Nigerians Know about Ghanaians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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nigerian over Ghanaians

#7:. Ghanaians practice true Democratic Party system

In the democratic system of Ghana, a party stands for something. A party manifesto is known, a party’s dogma is in the heart of the followers. If you belong to a political party, you don’t just easily cross carpet. It is almost like a religion, and everyone knows what to expect when a particular party is in power. Party politics is not for convenience, you are born into a party, your family is in a party. Unlike in Nigeria where political parties don’t understand their purpose, and the people follow any with the money because no one trusts any party. You can win in any party and decamp later.

#8:. Ghanaian land lords cheat

A visit to rent control will reveal that many aggrieved Nigerians have resorted for justice against their mean landlords or, land lady as the case may be. Nigerians feel that because they are foreigners, greedy landlords try to take advantage of them. Many have similar experiences of cheating and deliberate defiance of housing contract.

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