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10 Things Nigerians Know about Ghanaians [….Negatives and Positives things Revealed]

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nigerian over Ghanaians

#9:. Ghanaian education system is good

Nigerians love Ghana because of their Education system. It is easy to get admission to Ghana universities. If you pass your WAEC, then you can attend as far you can Afford the tuition. There is less strike, less exam malpractice, and absence of cultism menace. Nigerians schooling in Ghana schools are countless and can be seen in all levels. Certificates acquired from Ghana is also valued more than those from Nigerian universities.

#10:. Ghanaian electricity is better

Comparable to Nigeria where a community pays for transformer, or the accessories to connect electricity, Ghana electricity company functions. Ghana sees electricity as a source of generating revenue, it is business. Unlike before there used to be steady light for a long time but now the energy crisis has made things a little different. Still the situation in Ghana is better than Nigeria. It is just of late that stabilizers are being sold. Nigerians have vowed to return home once the President fixes this electricity problem.

There are of course many things that each nation know about the other, and it is also true that the ECOWAS treaty is not of full effect. Ghana and Nigeria relationship is not a choice, but destiny. The nature of their relationship is a normal but can improve.
Ghana and Nigeria relationship is unique in Africa and will always continue to develop stronger ties in aspects of human relations.

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