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AWESOME! Thousands Watch as Woman Gives Birth Live on Facebook [See Photos & Video]

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A proud and overjoyed father has made history after streaming live the moment his wife delivered their baby on Facebook to thousands of people.

A father has made history as he proudly streamed the unbelievable moment his wife gave birth to their son to thousands of people live on Facebook.

The man identified as Fakamalo Kihe Eiki posted the 45 minute video with the caption ‘Let’s try pushing baby out’ showing the incredible moment everything took place.

The intensely personal moment, punctuated by bleeps from the monitor, is narrated by dad who comments as the baby finally arrives, ‘He’s hairy, he’s got so much hair!’, Metro reports.

The elated father shouted more and more as the baby was delivered.

“Oh my goodness, you got him – he’s coming out. Hi baby! Come out baby, there you go, I see your face…”

The overjoyed father later thanked all for making the birth a memorable one. ‘Thanks guys for enjoying the gift of life with me… lol come celebrate next weekend BBQ if in area’


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