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Must Read: 3 Things Every Woman Should Do after S’ ÉX

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s ex session

#2:. Recap What Just Happened, in Your Head…Then Out Loud

Hit your mental rewind button and play the events back in your head, from start to finish. If it was good s éx, think about what exactly made it so good.

Then, tell your partner which touches and moves you loved while they’re still fresh in your mind.

“Now’s the best time to talk about it, since it can feel awkward to bring it up out of the blue later,” says Kristen Carpenter, PhD, an assistant clinical professor of psychiatry, psychology, and obstetrics and gynecology, and the director of women’s behavioral health at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s Women’s S éxual Health Clinic.

(If it wasn’t you or your partner’s greatest performance, however, it’s best to revisit what went wrong at a later time, she advises.) And one more thing that can help improve your relationship (in just 90 days, as one study found) is to maintain some intimacy immediately after intercourse.

An Archives of S éxual Behavior study reports that showing affection toward each other after s éx, (from cuddling and touching to romantic chitchat,) was linked to more satisfying s éxual relationships—and it wasn’t just that more s éxually satisfied couples were more likely to partake.

The researchers found that when couples started to engage in more of this loving behavior after s éx over the course of the study, they had higher relationship and s éxual satisfaction three months later.

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