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Entrepreneurship: See the Top 10 Rules that Have Worked for Aliko Dangote

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#7:. Do only the things you understand

When you engage in things that you understand, you are more likely to succeed in them.

John Rupert, a South African businessman and chairman of the Swiss-based luxury-goods company Richemont as well as of the South Africa-based company Remgro says: “as you start out in life, it is important that you know at least something about everything, but as you get older it is important that you know everything about something.”

Endeavor to learn something about the venture you are pursuing. If it calls for enrolling for a short course, by all means do that to drive your business forward.

“Any business that I don’t understand it well, I don’t do it at all,” says Dangote attributing this to their success.

#8:. Think big

Boldness is an attribute that every entrepreneur should have.

Boldness comes with taking calculated risks in order to grow the business.

“And you have to think big. If you think small, you will always remain small in life,” Dangote says.

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