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Meet “Sajad Gharibi” – He is shockingly HUGE, you won’t believe your own EYES!

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Sajad Gharibi 1

This young guy’s name is Sajad Gharibi. Once you see him, you think Halk is just a baby compared to his size!

Obviously, this power lifter takes his hobby seriously. He is HUGE!

Sajad Gharibi 2

People already nicknamed him Iranian Hulk or Persian Hercules. His age is 24, and we know just a few other details of his life. For now, he remains a mystery but rapidly gains popularity on the Internet.

Sajad Gharibi 3

The guy is the giant! His weight is 175 kilograms. His main hobby is power lifting. At times, he completely looks like a fairy tale dwarf personage.

Sajad Gharibi 4

Can you believe there is a car big enough to hold him?

Sajad Gharibi 5

Despite the looks, his friends just love him and describe as a nice and kind man.

Sajad Gharibi 6

There are many wonders in the world, and people can be really amazing and fascinating! This one is shockingly huge!

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