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5 Fast Facts You Must Know About The World’s Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali Wives & Kids

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#2:. He Had Four Kids With His Second Wife

One year after he divorced Roi, Ali remarried. His second wife was Belinda Boyd, who was 17 at the time she married Ali. After the wedding ceremony, Boyd converted to Islam and changed her name to Khalilah Ali.

“Even though he was eight years older than me, I was a little smarter than him and a little bit more educated, too,” Khalilah later said of their time together. “And helping and guiding him was the best time of my entire life.”

While together, Muhammad and Khalilah had four children: Maryum, Jamillah, Rasheda, and Muhammad Ali, Jr.

In 1974, Muhammad Ali began having an affair with actress and “poster girl” Veronica Porsche, who was 18 at the time. Khalilah later told The USA Today that Ali made her aware of the affair when it was happening.


#3:. He Had Two Kids With His Third Wife

Veronica Porsche and Muhammad Ali were actually married in 1974 in a secret ceremony while Ali was still with Khalilah, according to The USA Today.

She said that at the time, nobody knew about the ceremony but the two of them, the man officiating the wedding, and Ali’s masseur. Porsche says she did not tell anyone out of fear of Ali facing legal consequences for having two wives.

“It was quiet, nobody was there,” Porsche said in an interview years later. “Something inside me made it OK because I loved him. That’s how I felt.”

Ali and Porsche were officially, legally married in the summer of 1977. They already had a baby girl, Hana, by the time they were married, and Veronica gave birth to Laila a few months after the wedding.

Porsche and Ali divorced nine years later, apparently due to his infidelity.

“The major reason was, and everyone knows, that he fooled around,” she told the USA Today.

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