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5 Fast Facts You Must Know About The World’s Legendary boxer Muhammad Ali Wives & Kids

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#4:. His Fourth Wife Was an Old Friend

The same year Ali and Porsche got divorced, Ali married Yolanda Williams, whom he had been friends with since 1964. Williams is Ali’s current wife, and they have now been together for 30 years.

Ali and Williams have one child together, Asaad Amin, who they adopted when Amin was five months old.


#5:. His Daughter Is An Accomplished Boxer

When she grew up, one of Ali’s daughters would go on to become an accomplished professional boxer of her own.

Laila Ali, Muhammad’s second daughter with his third wife, Veronica, began boxing at the age of 18, and she began her career in October of 1999. She went on to have an incredibly impressive, undefeated career, concluding her last professional fight in 2007.

When Laila told her father she wanted to get into boxing, he was concerned about his daughter getting into such a dangerous sport. In fact, he had previous made comments against female boxing, saying in 1978, “Women are not made to be hit in the breast, and face like that..”

Laila isn’t the only one of Muhammad’s daughters to go to to become famous in her own right. Maryum, Muhammad’s first child with his second wife, went on to become a successful hip hop artist.

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