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19 Pioneering Kenyan women that you should know [….. They fought HARD to BREAK the BARRIERS]

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#9:. Charity Ngilu

Ngilu will go into history as the first woman in Kenya to ever vie for the presidency. Despite her legacy being rocked by scandals and allegations of corruption, she will be known as one of the women who have fought their way into the male dominated political scene. She has served as NARC chairperson and Minister of Water and Irrigation. Following her shifting camps during the 2013 elections and loss of the Kitui County Senatorial post to David Musila, her political future remains unclear and it remains to see whether she will seek a political position come 2017.


#10:. Grace Onyango

Grace was the first woman to be elected mayor in Kisumu town in 1967 and MP in 1969. This is believed to have a major milestone in opening the way for leadership for women. To add to the list of firsts, she is the first lady to sit in the speaker’s chair as a temporary deputy speaker. She also played a pivotal role in the committee than investigated JM Kariuki’s murder. Grace has often been referred to as an iron lady in the political scene and once Tom Mboya called her out for supporting and she retorted but stating that the politicians in KANU and KPU were all the same. That statement is actually true and the day we as Kenyans believe that we can forget all the hostility towards each other and actually work towards a better Kenya.


#11:. Elizabeth Marami

At 25, Marami was the first woman marine pilot after five years of training at the prestigious marine training college in Alexandria Egypt. Marami who in an interview mentioned that she was brought up to believe that she can do anything was influenced by her father to join the marines. Today she is a certified second officer and designated marine pilot trainee.


#12:. Justice Effie Owuor

Justice Effie is applauded for chairing the task force that has resulted in the Children’s Act 2001 improving the laws that govern children rights in Kenya. She was the first woman to receive a law degree from the University of Dar es Salam. She served as the state counsel in the AGs office (1967), resident magistrate (1971) and in 1998 she was the first woman in Kenya to be charged to determine criminal, civil and constitutional cases in the Court of Appeal. In 2005, the Kibaki government appointed her to sit at the ICC in Hague.

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