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Here are the Top 10 TOUGHEST examinations in the World

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TOUGHEST examinations in the World

#2:. UPSC

Many exceptionally bright children who clear CAT post IIT-JEE choose to appear for UPSC exams as well. And many of them who term CAT and JEE as cakewalk deem UPSC as the toughest exam they have had to face. Recruitment to IAS or Indian Administrative Service is on the basis of an exam conducted by the Union Public Service Commission of India or UPSC. The exam is known as UPSC exam or simple ‘Civils’, working for the government is tantamount to any job in corporate or technological arenas.

The Exam is conducted in two phases: Preliminary – which is an objective type examination and Mains- which include a thoroughly subjective examination along with an interview. From around 3 Lakh students that apply every year only 16,000 make it to final exam and 1000 join the Indian Administrative Service. The exam is held annually, the prelim in month of March and mains in the month of December so the candidates who have cleared the objective type prelim examination have only 8 grueling months to prepare themselves for Mains and the interview.

#1:. National Higher Education Entrance Examination

National Higher Education Entrance Examination is better known as ‘Gaokao’ and is perhaps one of the most important landmark in a Chinese teenager’s life. It won’t be an overstatement to say the least that one’s academic future wholly depends on one’s performances in ‘Gaokao’. It is a pre-requisite for admission to all the higher education universities in China. The vehemency of this exam is such that ‘n; of documentaries have been made on this subject recording the mental stress a teenager preparing for Gaokao has to undergo. Each year more than 7 million people apply for it in 2006; however the number easily crossed a 9.5 million mark.

Being a high-school level and pre-undergraduate level exam it encompasses all subjects. But what puts it on our list is the psychological stress that comes along with it. It is not just the students that are affected but also their teachers and parents. Cases of suicides, nervous breakdowns and clinical depression see a jaw dropping rise during this duration. Some parents are reported to have getting their female wards prescribe to birth control pills in order to avoid undergoing menstruation.

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