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The 6 Damning Punchlines in M.anifest’s #godMC that actually frustrated Sarkodie to Release #Kanta

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#2:. “Ghanaians so concerned about diplomas and awards
Titles and the bible, i find it absurd
Went from inspector Bediako to Khumkhum Bhagya
Progress or regress? now who you calling sucker
When the boss is around who can you boss around?”

Sarkodie has it all in terms of awards but he claims that he has done some aggressive flows in his days and now he feels he is matured. Well, M.anifest is asking from inspector Bediako to Khumkhum Bhagya, Progress or regress? . Sarkodie kept talking about his raps getting a degree whiles others are in 6th form, well, M.anifest finds it absurd.

#3:. Don’t turn me into Stonebwoy, I’m a ruler…….When the boss is around who can you boss around? We some intelligent niggas that cannot dumb it down Even my nonfa back then had sense in it Difference between me and them? you’re sensing it

In the picture above, you see Stonebwoy, all humble to Sarkodie, well, M.anifest says he is not Stonebwoy, in fact he is a ruler.

He also makes known that unlike Sarkodie who is able to dumb down (or maybe that is his nature) he, M.anifest, is so intelligent that he can not even dumb down his lines and even his nonfa back in the day when he started rap had more sense than Sarkodie’s rap now.

M.anifest is also saying that he  can not be bossed around like how one time Sarkodie is hyping himself as having punches and when push comes to shove, he feels threatened and coil in his shell that punches sound immature.

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