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The 6 Damning Punchlines in M.anifest’s #godMC that actually frustrated Sarkodie to Release #Kanta

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#4:. Tell the fashion police they can make an arrest
These boys copying the WEST looking a mess, it’s retarded

Sarkodie went the Kanye WEST style during his Indigo O2 Arena show? . M.anifest is calling out the fashion police on him for copying the West (Europe and America and also Kanye West) and looking like a mess. He thinks it is retarded for him to do that.

#5:. “Don’t measure your pen with mines (mimes), you pantomime and asinine
And you wanna be king? Get your ass in line”.

Sarkodie is claiming King but M.anifest says he cant just claim King, he should go bar for bar with other rappers for it. He plays with mimes and pantomimes (I doubt he drew the distinction between the 2). With those, he says Sarkodie must not measure his words with his’ because Sarkodie virtually says nothing in his songs (Pantomime actors mask up and say nothing but use actions) and to M.anifest, it is stupid (asinine).

#6:.What is a King to a godMC? They claim pure gold but they are copper, dont compare a name dropper to a show stopper… Wani aba anaa? Vex for your corner’

Name droppers ostentatiously mention the names of important people as if they were friends. Sarkodie keeps mentioning names of other rappers in his songs as though they were friends. Every chance he gets, from his track with Acehood, through FireBonDem with FlowKing Stone x Shatta Wale, he keeps mentioning names. M.anifest says for him, he is a show stopper not just a name dropper and if Sarkodie feels threatened by his flow, he should be angry in his own corner– dumb lines corner.

Sarkodie is also claiming King, like Watch the Throne by Kanye West x Jay Z, M.anifest is asking what a King is to a godMC like himself?

To close up, he returns a favor by using Sarkodie’s line to end the song like Sark used his’ on his Bossy track.

I may have left a couple of lines in it but hey, If i were to pull up everything, you probably would have noticed that every line is a diss.

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