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Career Advice: These 10 Things On Your CV Could Be the Reason You’re Not Getting Hired

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Things On Your CV

Coming up with a well written, concise CV is one of the hardest tasks ever.

HR Managers and recruiting officers have thousands of CVs to go through. Therefore, your CV can be disqualified simply because of small mistakes here and there and maybe, just maybe, that is why you are not getting call backs from potential employers.

Here’s how to come up with the perfect CV:

#1:. Unnecessary personal information

Anything besides your name, email address and contact information should not be included on your CV. Details such as your tribe, age, height, weight and religion are minor details that no one cares about.

#2:. Education Background

If you are a university graduate or have a college diploma then you do not need to include all your other education details. Your university degree is your highest level of education and that’s all that matters. If you are yet to graduate, you can include both the secondary school and the university where you’re currently enrolled and for which course.

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