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Career Advice: These 10 Things On Your CV Could Be the Reason You’re Not Getting Hired

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Things On Your CV 2

#3:. Grades

Related to number 2, if you got a D- in your final exams or a GPA of 1.88, why! oh why would you include that in your resume? No offense but no one will hire a dimwit. Remove that shame on your resume and show the employer that you’re smart beyond your grades at the interview.

#4:. Work experience

There’s no need to include all of your work experience, such as a 3-day job you did at the mall and the likes. Include only what’s related to the particular job you are applying for. Remember, no employer has time to go through a 4-5 page CV the shorter the better. Do not bore the employer with unnecessary details. Your CV will be shoved in the dustbin.

#5:. Hobbies

Even if you have a mixtape out, keep unnecessary hobbies to yourself. Only include hobbies that are related to the job you are applying for. If for example you are applying for a Customer Care job, you can state socializing and making new friends as one of your hobbies.

#6:. Salary details

Unless you have specifically been requested to include salary details on the CV, leave them out. That’s the last thing you negotiate on, when and if you get the job.

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