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Career Advice: These 10 Things On Your CV Could Be the Reason You’re Not Getting Hired

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Things On Your CV

#7:. Email address

If you still use the embarrassing email address you created when you were 16 years old, it’s time to change it up. Create a formal email address, bearing your official name. You can do it on Gmail or Yahoo. It’s free! No employer will hire someone with an email address like empresstheee1sexy[at]gmail.com. Nah!

#8:. Saving the CV

Do not save your CV as CV or Resume or doc or whatever. Save it as your name, unless advised otherwise by the hiring company. Also, do not include the word CV, Resume or the date at the top of your CV.

#9:. Photograph

This is a debatable point. Some people argue that it’s good to include your photo, others are of the opinion that you should leave it out. Some companies prefer that you not to include a photograph so they can safely adhere to the Equal Employment Opportunity legislation. Hey, unless it’s a modelling, acting, flight attendant or any other job that requires applicants to attach their photographs, then it’s probably better to leave it out.

#10:. Career objective

Rather than writing a summary of what you want, tell the employer what you’re capable of and if hired, what you will bring to the table.

Lastly, remember to keep it short, error free, simple and at maximum, 2 pages!

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