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10 Coldest Countries in the World

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Shiver-Duvet-Sleep? Or Layer-Some More-Travel! Which of these is you? Alright, I am not questioning your spirit of adventure if you choose to experience European Winters than Australian Summers this Christmas, but there’s colder it can get! Yeah- you bet the cold war was too hot for it to be this cold. While that vacation in Salzburg, Geneva and Mount Titlis was a destination well covered and you’ve probably experienced the best Christmas Bazaars can get but if you are not satiated enough with how cold it was already, here are some countries you might just visit! Beware, you might be warm blooded but you might just be convinced that you are a frozen ice candy in the ice desert you’re in. But obviously, you know these destinations are great to take your breath away, scenic beauty and otherwise. And you know they make the best romantic getaways too! Just so you know.

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