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6 Solid Reasons Why Same-Gender Schools Are Not Good For Your Kids

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As much as enjoy basking in the glory of being married and spending our lives with the people we love, there are certain moments when we are forced to take life-changing decisions.

Enrolling your children in school is one of those decisions as you have to find out what school offers what and how it will affect the life of your children.

We are going to be taking you back this age long issue of putting children in the same-gender school. This is in hope that you may find a new reason that would help you make up your mind as to what school your children would go.

There are so many schools in Nigeria that are same-gender school; most of them are boarding schools which allow your children to live with thousands of children from all parts of the country.

We also know that many people would wave this aside and talk about the experiences they had growing up in schools like that and how it has molded them. However, we fail to understand that time changes yesterday and the kind of children we have in this generation cannot be compared to the children raised in our time.

Coeducational schools will always offer your children the best form of education; there is a limit to how best you can shield or protect a child.

However, we know you have your own special parental guide that you follow strictly.

Find below some of the reasons why your children should not attend same-gender schools: Click “Continue Reading” to see them

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