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6 Solid Reasons Why Same-Gender Schools Are Not Good For Your Kids

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4. When they find means to explore their attractiveness

Children are conscious of the fact that they are being locked and caged, they want to know what is going on in the outside world and would always find a means of catching up.

Most of these kids have access to phones where they explore social media pages; they see some of the things being shared there and would want to see more.

Some musical videos are actually not helpful. Your children may be exposed to forbidden magazines and videos while they are locked up in some same-gender school. Worst scenario could be when they pick up habits like self-satisfaction; they find it hard to stop.

3. You change their orientation

Some children despise their parents because they feel they locked them up in some same-gender school for one reason or the other. They grow up having this as their mindset and would always want to make up for the time they spent in school.

Naturally, their level of curiosity is piqued as they would be interested in doing those things they believe made you lock them up. They end up making the greatest mistakes of their lives by doing everything to the extreme.

Why not let them see the world as it is and teach them as they grow rather than placing them in secluded zones?

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