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6 Solid Reasons Why Same-Gender Schools Are Not Good For Your Kids

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2. They do not fit in socially

Placing your children in the same-gender school may rob them of their confidence; this applies most to the boys. They may have difficulty approaching ladies and telling them how they feel about them.

There is this social imbalance that most children who attend same-gender school have; it takes a while before they actually blend with the society.
1. Homosexuality + Their orientation about family is weird

Well you may think putting your child in a same gender school guarantees that he would never engage in sexual intercourse but little do you know that you just might have exposed him to the worse form of it. Direct approach on sexeducation still remains the best. Also Having stayed away from the family at that young age, being independent is being forced on them. They are usually withdrawn when it comes to family issues as they have learnt to stay on their own.

They become dissociated from the family and may become estranged if care is not taken. They form the bulk of people who can afford to leave their families for a long time and not feel the need to check on them.

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