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6 ways to make the Nigerian league attractive to football fans

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While the love for sports should be celebrated, the religious fanatism for foreign leagues has been said to contribute to the detriment of the Nigerian league which struggles for recognition and acceptance among teeming fans.  Jovago.com Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares 6 ways to make the tournament more attractive to football fans.

Media coverage

On radio, television and sports pages of newspaper, reporters prefer to report foreign leagues. Surprisingly, on radio sports show, many so called sports analyst do not have information about the Nigerian tournaments compared to the unlimited statistics at their fingertips on European leagues.

There are only a handful of journalists who can mention 10 players, and the highest goal scorer of the Nigerian League. Without effective media coverage, the league will continue to decline. If the media can give as much attention as they give to European leagues, it will go a long way in developing the league.

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