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9 Hidden Features of Everyday Things You Probably Didn’t Know

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5. The Punt Under Wine Bottles


The dimple under wine bottles known as Punt are not just there for decoration purposes, it is actually there to help the wine sparkle while in storage. Had it not been because of the punt under wine bottles, the bottle will exert pressure from the wine and explode.

4. The Blue Side Of An Eraser
4You remember those erasers we used back in school which had one side to be blue and the other to be red? Back in school, we were told the blue is meant for erasing pen writings, most of us tried it and it obviously didn’t work, we ended up tearing our books.

This is because the blue side is not meant for that, it is actually meant for erasing pencil writings on hard surfaces while the red side was meant for erasing pencil writings on soft surfaces. Now you have it, you can teach it to your children so they don’t repeat your mistake.

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