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Do You Feel Unsafe Shopping Online? Here Are Top 11 Tips for Safe Online Shopping in Kenya

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Electronic commerce, popularly called E-commerce or e-commerce, simply means the trading in products or services using the internet. Recently, the use of E-commerce in Kenya started gaining wide range of growth. Such that one will be right to say that, it is actually trending and admirable in Kenya. Of course, with more and more companies recording double-digit growth and increase-sales even in their first year of operation, you are right to say that sales are going digital in Kenya. This has made most retailers and brands to have moved to establish virtual shops on some E-commerce company websites to cut down the big gap between offline and online and maximize on sales. Despite the big acceptance of e-commerce in Kenya, many are still very uncomfortable shopping online. In fact they feel unsafe trading online, so we dish out this 10 tips that would help you for safe online shopping, we hope you wouldn’t have to be sacred anymore.

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