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Guys Get in Here! 7 Ways To Spot A Hσrny Woman From Afar

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4. Her touch

You can also find out if she is hσrny if you approach her and she’s very touchy. She may shake your hands and make her fingers linger even more.

She may lean into you for a peck in the cheek, but then her hand stays on your arms or your chest for a few seconds longer.

When you engage in a conversation with her, she may also touch your hands or arms, squeeze your biceps, play around with your hair, or touch your chest.

3. Her gaze

Irrespective of whether you’re staring at her from the bar counter or already in the middle of a conversation with her, a horny woman would have this “sticky” lingering gaze.

It may even look like she’s undressing you with her eyes, or imagining just how well you’d look nαkєd on her bed.

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