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Guys Get in Here! 7 Ways To Spot A Hσrny Woman From Afar

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2. Her words
There’s no such thing as small talk with a horny woman. Anything you say to her, as casual as you may start off, would be met with a lot of personal, even revealing or sєxual information.

A horny woman may also talk suggestively to you. Some kinky topics she might delve into would be her past sєxual encounters, her bedroom talents, sєx-infused jokes, and even double entendres.

1. The peacock

A cock-hungry woman, in a short while will be exhibiting peacσcking behaviours so as to stand out. That woman you’re eyeing? She’ll yell, scream, jump about, jut out her a$$, and do just about anything to catch everyone’s attention.

From showing more skin to being aggressive, they’d do whatever it takes to get you to notice.

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