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Revealed! 7 classes of women who will cheat on their husbands

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7. She disobeys the law of attraction (Keeps too many male friends)

Many affairs begin as close friendship with members of the opposite sex. Hence, it becomes a problem if  she keeps too many males as friends. They may seem harmless initially, but with times spent emotions will grow and an affair will kick off.

It is no secret that the closer the woman is to her platonic male friend, the more likely it is that he will eventually end up becoming her lover.

6. Bad company

If her friends are the type that flirt and cheat, there is a great chance that she will join them when eventually she fails to beat them.

The power of peer pressure can never be underestimated, every one can wield when the heat is turned on. All it takes to show her what they would term “the light” and then the lamb will evolve into a lion.

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