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Revealed! 7 classes of women who will cheat on their husbands

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5. Attention seeker

If she is the type that thinks the world revolves around her, then she would do anything to continue getting attention from wherever, whenever and however.  There is a great possibility that a woman who constantly craves attention may cheat on her mate if she feels she’s not getting enough attention from him.

It takes another man who understands that need for attention to sweep her off her feet and before you know it, she’s lost.

In the same vein, if she is a materialistic woman, she is likely to have an affair with a wealthy man because of the material things he can provide.

Once the other man has more cash to go around, and can afford all the luxury that thrills her soul, then she is very likely to follow the money. Abi na who like poverty?

4. The adventurer seeking to make a statement

If for her sex is a means to make a statement with regards to her femininity, then she is likely to look outside. Once her identity as a woman is wrapped around sex, then it wont matter how many other men she sleeps with.

Playing the seductress will also be part of her roles, she will love seducing men to sleep with her is the focal point of her life.You one needs an oracle to be told that if all these defines her, then she will not be faithful to one man.

In the same vein, if she’s the type who likes to live dangerously, she’ll cheat just for the thrill of it, or for the excitement of doing something forbidden, or for the challenge of seeing if she can pull it off without getting caught.

Fiddling with her phones, having all the online thrills will not do for her; a woman who is easily bored, or who leads a dull, routine life may cheat on her mate just to alleviate her boredom or add some excitement to her life. ‘

Also women can be sex addicts, in the past these women were referred to as nymphomaniacs. This is a medical condition that requires professional medical help. If she has a sex drive greater than her partner’s, then it becomes a problem.

If her sex drive greatly exceeds the sex drive of her husband or boyfriend, or her spouse, then she might need to get it from someone who is more fit and experienced.

It is more dangerous if the woman has more sexual experience than her man. If she has led a very active séx life, or has had lots of sex partners before settling down, she will find it extremely difficult to stay faithful to just one man.

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