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Revealed! 7 classes of women who will cheat on their husbands

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1. The core party gurl

If she loves the crowd, always longing for the party, ever ready to groove; it scary because she is more likely to cheat. Most parties are often held at night and there are so many things that happen in the night.

Research shows that contrary to what people think, humans and ladies mostly let their guards down when it is dark. It is at that period that they are more  vulnerable to having an affair.

There are many other factors that could lead a woman to cheat, from having a big ego down to suffering from very low self esteem. So men must make good efforts to understand their women better. She could have certain needs which you are not meeting, it is left for you to notice and make amends or allow her find the answer outside.

For women whose needs are not met, a discussion with your spouse is necessary. With two good heads together, you both can find solutions to what is amiss. Its pays to stay true to one faithful partner.

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